It is the processing of onion in the form of jam (or rather jam because it contains pieces of onion), flavoured with spices, wine, sugar, and other ingredients.

We make cibulada from both types of onion: the yellow one and the finer red one. It doesn’t contain any artificial colouring or preservatives. For children we have a plum snack in form of povidláky (plum jam) and čokopovidláky (chocolate plum jam).


What is cibulada suitable for?

It is suitable for hot and cold cuisine

It is delicious for different types of cheese.

You can use it as a filling for savoury cakes and pies.

It perfectly matches the taste of grilled or baked meat.

Cibulada and plum jam

Big gift box of your choice

1 x cibulada chilli

1 x ginger cibulada

1 x baked plum butter

2 x cornet with pralines


Cibulada in wooden stand of your choice

1 x cibulada chilli

1 x ginger cibulada

1 x sweet cibulada


Mix of your choice

Mix your own gift box


Pies from cibulada with sausage

Beef steak with chilli cibulada

Duck breast with chilli extra cibulada

Chicken breast on ginger with ginger cibulada

Baked knee with chilli extra cibulada

Baked salmon with ginger cibulada

Tvarůžky in batter with sweet cibulada

Pork jelly with chilli cibulada