Our small family company Green Tree Food is a traditional Czech producer of chocolate pralines and unusual delicacies.

I fulfilled my dream. I learnt how to make a praline in the traditional manual way for myself, my family and friends. I chose the best available chocolate and cream from which I created my first praline.

However, the idea of starting our own praline shop came as a response to the wishes of our future customers. These amazing people demanded more and more from me, and their numbers kept growing.

So I started making the first pralines. Believe that if you taste really good chocolate complemented by delicious cream, you will not want another one.

After some time other specialities were added to the sweets. Yes, we are talking about our unusual cibuláda and plum sauces.

Visit us and discover so far unknown combinations of flavours, which we believe will bring you back again and again to GREENTREEFOOD.

So don’t hesitate

We know how to do it

These days we offer to our customers a wide range of sweet and savoury products. We rely on every bite of our delicacies to be a unique experience. Take a look at our e-shop and choose your ideal snack.

Exclusive products from chocolate. For personal consumption and also for cake shops.

Onion jam for meat and cheese, from yellow and red onion.

We also supply sweets and savory goodies in gift packages.

Experience unforgettable afternoon full of information and sweet eating.

Why eat sweet with us

We create our products with love and fun, which is why they are so unique. Behind every delicacy is a piece of carefully done work.

We approach to the creation of pralines in our own way. The development of each praline take its time and it is such a small chocolate adventure.

All products are honest handmade. We do not use any artificial flavourings, preservatives or stabilizers. We know it works without them.

With us you can enjoy not only the famous French chocolate, dark Belgian, but also Czech and Italian. We offer to you only the best.

Do you want to eat sweet with us? Don’t hesitate to contact us.