3D chocolate printer

3D chocolate printer

The mycusini ® 3D printer prints from chocolate. You have 1 000 different shapes on the SD card. You can print ornaments, lettering and various shapes.

With a 3D printer, you can decorate any of your own confectionery products and surprise a visitor or a gifted person with something unusual.


We will print 3D picture made of chocolate to order.

Did you know…

The mycusini ® 3D printer weighs only 3.5 kilograms.

The package also includes a 3D Choco Dark cartridge for 10 cartridge refills.

Refills for purchase: dark, white, orange, raspberry, coconut.

We will pack an SD card with more than 1,000 3D templates.

Sample of 3D printing

We will be happy to introduce the printer to you and explain how to use it.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Is printer operation difficult?

Operating of printer is very simple. You can handle it easily according to the enclosed instructions.

Will I have any patterns to print?

The printer package includes an SD card with 1,000 shapes, which can also be found in the printed brochure supplied with the printer. Just choose what you like. We also supply a USB reader for SD cards with the SD card.

Are printer refills available?

Yes, you can easily buy refills in our e-shop. There are several types and flavours: dark, white, orange, raspberry, or coconut.

Samples of 3D printing