Welcome to the website presentation of our company. We are here to offer you something special – tasty delicacies, or as we say our hand-made goodies. And why should you be interested? Answer yourself these questions:

  • do you prefer products made from high-quality ingredients?
  • do you want to avoid eating substitutes, artificial food colorings and other chemicals?
  • do you like new interesting tastes?


We, of course, say YES! And because we don´t want to give our children chocolate full of hydrogenated fats and sugar, we don´t want to eat  meat that only looks like meat, we don´t want to eat jams with preservatives, we have started to produce our own home-made pralines from French and Belgium chocolate, meat specialities smoked by real smoke and onion chutney without preservatives.

Be sure, we haven´t finished yet, we would like to make other goodies in the near future. We will be glad for any cooperation with us - share your ideas and tips with us about other products that you know for example from your grandma and you would like to taste it again.


We appreciate your feedback, any ideas are very welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Special offer

If you live in the Great Britain, US  or other English-speaking countries , and you are interested in our products and would like to try to do business with us , don´t hesitate to contact us. When we get in touch and agree on terms and conditions,  we can visit you and start some kind of cooperation.

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